3 Uses of Plaques

3 Uses of Plaques

Throughout history, plaques have been used for a lot of things by a lot of people. Most of the time, they are used for commemorative purposes. In the early years, plaques are mostly made of materials such as stone, ceramic, and wood, bearing engraved carvings of text and images. Nowadays, plaques are commonly made of glass, acrylic, crystal, and metal sheets, with the text being laser-engraved and the images being digitally printed on them. Still, despite the modernization of plaque creations, the uses of plaques remain the same. 

Here are the three most common uses of a plaque in the Philippines and all around the world.

Commemorative purposes

A commemoration is one of the most common uses of plaques. Plaques for this type of use are called memorial plaques, commemorative plaques, historical plaques, or monumental tablets. They often serve as markers for places and objects with historical value, such as places where historical events took place or a house once lived in by a famous national hero. 

Here in the Philippines, commemorative plaques officially called historical markers are embossed iron plates installed by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines on publicly visible buildings, monuments, or special locations. On the other hand, cities and municipalities can install markers on venues known for events of local significance. However, city and municipality government units cannot use the official seal of the Republic of the Philippines on the plaques. 

Awards and recognition purposes

As we all know, awards can come in the form of medals, trophies, and, of course, plaques. Basically, an award plaque’s purpose is no different from the purposes of medals and trophies. They are designed and created to honor, recognize, and appreciate a person or group of persons’ achievement, service, generosity, or loyalty. 

Award plaques are usually made of wood, glass, and crystal, although there are cases where plaques are made of metal and acrylic. 

Business purposes

Business plaques are more common than most people think. In western countries, business plaques have been installed on buildings since the era of industrialization. In other words, business plaques are also a different form of business signage. They are mostly made of metal sheets and glass sheets mounted on the interior or exterior wall of a business’s office. Sometimes, they not only contain the business name, establishment date, address, and tenet but as well as the list of names of the significant members of the company. Business plaques are also known as corporate plaques. 

Plaques play a big role in expressing a person, place, or object’s significance. If you are interested in custom-made plaques for commemoration, recognition, or business purposes, feel free to browse our Craftsmen Portfolio so you may see the plaque designs we could do for you.

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