Creative Ways to Display Your Medals

Medals should not be kept in a box or in the storage. They exist to acknowledge someone’s success, ability, excellence, and effort. A medal is mostly a form of validation but it can also be a source of motivation. This is why medals should be put on display, for you and other people to see.

Showcasing your medals need not be grand, especially if you do not have a spare room or a big space at home. For those who need some ideas, here are a few creative ways to display your medals.

Let the mannequin wear them

Some of the most important moments in your life probably include receiving medals so seeing them can bring awesome memories back. If you are one to enjoy looking back at those moments, level up the experience! Display your medals on a mannequin! You can even dress the mannequin according to your profession. Some athletes dress their medal-bearing mannequins in sportswear!

Associate with your sport

If you are an athlete or simply a sports lover, you may craft a shelf or a hanging display using a sports item. You may turn a vintage racket into a medal hanger or hang your medals on hockey skates you no longer use. There are plenty of equipment you can use but it ultimately depends on your favorite sport.

Similarly, musicians can also create their own medal hanger using the neck of their old or broken guitars!

Put them in a jar

Putting medals in a jar is an easy way to display them in a unique manner. It is also cheap and space-friendly. All you need to do is find a sturdy clear glass jar and carefully organize the medals inside. After doing so, make sure to place it on a noticeable yet safe spot, away from little children’s reach.

Make a medal tree

Lastly, if you do not have any more space left to display your medals on, why not replace your corner plant with a tree and hang your medals on its branches? It should look similar to a Christmas tree, except that you will have your medal tree on display all year round!

There should be more creative ways to display your medals but these are some of them to help you generate more ideas according to your own preferences. Do not hide your medals because they deserve to be displayed, and you deserve to be recognized!

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