Things to Consider When Designing Trophies

Things to Consider When Designing Trophies

Designing trophies may seem like a simple task. Many award organizers would buy pre-made traditional trophies in the Philippines and then simply add the recipients’ names on them. While there is nothing wrong with doing that, there are various creative ways to make a trophy look more memorable and feel more personal.

If you are wondering how to make better award designs, especially for trophies, then you have come to the right place. Here are some things you should consider when designing trophies.

Key information

Trophies vary in sizes but they all carry an enormous responsibility of being a lasting physical remembrance of an achievement or event, which is why the most important thing to remember when designing trophies is to include key information about the award.

Make sure to state the purpose of the trophy, the name and official seal of the award giving body, and, if the deliberation happened days before the awarding, the name of the award recipient. It would also be better to include the date of the award ceremony on the trophy.

Shape of the trophy

From the traditional cup to the figure of a man—trophies take on numerous shapes and forms depending on what they represent.  For example, bowling trophies usually come with a bowler on top, while many singing competitions use a star or a microphone for their trophy design. 

When designing the shape of the trophy, you may follow the logo or mascot of the award giving body, or create a customized design based on the event or recipient’s achievement. For annual events, it would also be great to consider a tweak in the trophy design every year!

Material of the trophy

Lastly, designers of trophies in the Philippines should also be aware of the three different materials used in creating awards which are acrylic, glass, and crystal. Acrylic is best used for large trophies since it is lightweight. Not to mention, it is resistant to impact and can be easily molded to any shape. 

However, if you are after the shininess of the awards, you should go for crystal. Glass trophies look very similar to crystal trophies, but like acrylic, glass trophies do not diffract light and therefore do not shine. The only downside to these two materials is that they can be heavy and sensitive to impact.

Before designing a trophy, keep in mind that it has a long shelf life and is of high value to the recipient. Make sure to create a trophy design that matches the importance of the award!

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