How to Take Care of Your Trophy

How to Take Care of Your Trophy

Whether displayed on a shelf or a cabinet, trophies and awards are truly the symbol of excellence and brilliance. But if you cannot take care of these trophies and awards they may not look like they are excellent at all. You need take care of these things with the same fervor you had when you were aiming and striving for them. You need to handle them carefully and clean them properly, so that they will not lose their magnificence. Read on to know how you can take care of your various trophies in the Philippines!

Glass and Crystal Trophies

Glass and crystal are the most popular kind of trophies and awards. Fortunately, they are also very easy to clean. Here are a few tips in taking care of them:

  • Use soapy water to remove light marks
  • Use a branded glass cleaner to remove stubborn dirt and give trophies an extra sparkle
  • Use toothpaste on soft cloth can remove minor scratches
  • Simple dusting can also be helpful

Metal Trophies

Metal trophies such as silver, gold, and bronze look elegant when displayed properly. Taking care of these trophies will need more gentleness, precision, and utmost attention. Here is how you can take care of metal trophies:

  • Use a polishing cloth to remove fingerprints and greasy marks
  • Crush chalk and mix it with water and use a soft cloth to clean the trophy
  • Be sure to move the cloth gently in a single direction
  • If it is stored in a cabinet, put desiccated silica gel to prevent silver-damaging moisture from collecting

Acrylic Trophies

Acrylic trophies are much like the glass and crystal ones. These awards can look elegant and unique when shown properly. Here is how you can easily take care of them:

  • Avoid using household cleaners as they contain chemicals that can cause dulling
  • Mix warm water and liquid soap and use a soft cloth to clean them
  • Use only soft cloth to remove minor smudges
  • Use acrylic cleaner for acrylic awards with large surface areas for better cleaning

Wooden Trophies

Wooden trophies are not as popular as glass awards, but still just as important. Here is how you can take take care of them:

  • Simply dust them regularly
  • Use a furniture polish and soft cloth to give it more shine
  • When cleaning or polishing, gently wipe the surface going with the grain

Keep these tips in mind, so you can take care of your trophies and awards properly and still make them look elegant as time passes.

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