Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate Giveaway Ideas

Corporate events are truly good for various companies and workplaces. Not only do you get to take a break from the usual work duties and enjoy, you also get to give back to your employees and other subordinates. One way to give back is by handing out giveaways and souvenirs. With these little gifts, you can show appreciation and gratitude to the people you work with. Here are five corporate giveaway ideas you can do in your next corporate event!


Mugs will never go out of style when it comes to giveaways and souvenirs. Although mugs seem too simple, you can make them extraordinary by having them customized. Instead of giving away plain-colored mugs, have it designed first. You can put inspirational quotes, cute graphics and illustrations, or even the company motto.

Journals or Memo pads

If your company work involves a lot of note-taking and managing, giving away journals or memo pads might be the best idea. These will surely serve a great purpose to your employees, especially those in the managerial positions. To spice things up and make giveaways one-of-a-kind, you can opt for wooden cover journals and memo pads.

Flash Drives

In a world where almost everything is digital, a flash drive containing a sizeable storage can be extremely helpful. Flash drives can also be for office work or for personal use. You can choose to give out USB OTG (on-the-go) which can be used on both computers and phones, or a unique wooden swivel flash drive which can be monogrammed and personalized.


Paperweights are a clever giveaway idea, indeed. They are helpful and stylish, and best of all, you can customize them. You can choose the company logo, or the name of your employees, or just a simple quote or illustration. There are even unique paperweights that come with penholders which are very practical.

Monogrammed Cheese boards

For an unusual yet special giveaway idea, you can try monogrammed cheese boards. These cheese boards can be used when dining at home, which is excellent if you want your employees to have something personal rather than something work-related.

Make sure you have the best items for your corporate giveaways! With a fabrication company like Craftsmen Enterprises, you can surely come up with the best souvenirs and giveaways in Cavite for your employees in your next corporate event.

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